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The Gun Club, For the Love of Ivy (1981, blind love), vs. The Cramps, Bikini Girls With Machine Guns (with the Ivy and Elvis from Hell in question, 1990), vs. The Coasters (live, orig 1959) vs. Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy in Batman & Robin (1997)

Pixies, Debaser (1989) vs. Buuel, Un Chien Andalou (1929, with Wagner's Isoldes Liebestod)

That's how strong my love is: Harmony Echoes with O.V. Wright (1964, original), vs. Stones (ca.1967), vs. Millie Small (Jamaica, 1966), vs. I Threes (incl. Judy Mowatt) & The Wailers (Jamaica, 1974), vs. the Gaylettes (Judy Mowatt, Jamaica, ca 1973?) vs. Bryan Ferry (1978) and missing versions of Laura Lee (US, 1971), Little Milton (US, 70s), and of course Otis Redding, all due to narrowminded copyright farmers.

 (Now close your eyes and think of Otis.)

Motherless Children: from blues (Blind Willie Johnson, 1927), to country (Carter Family,1929), to rocksteady (Willie Francis, 1969), to full-on dub (The Symbols, 1979) and even dancehall (Ghetto Priest, A Long Way, 2006?):


In the series of improbable covers: Hold Me, Mahalia Jackson vs. Nina Hagen ("I can't sing a gospel! I'm a white chick!"), communicating via Jim Morrison:


Lee 'Scratch' Perry vs his demons: 70s " Scratch the Dub Organizer" (version of Cloak and Dagger, Tommy McCook, dubbed) &  Disco Devil (dub of Max Romeo's "Chase the Devil", end 70s) & declarations of 1982 & 2006 Guinness adds ("every night I go to bed I change into a FISH"):


Judge Dread, Prince Buster (1967) vs. Specials, Stupid Marriage (1979)


Bam bam, Sister Nancy (1982) vs. Toots & Maytals (Treat me Bad, She Will Never Let You Down, live, 1962)


The audience of Buddy Holly (1958) vs. Bo Diddley (1966) vs. Woodstock (1969) vs. Sex Pistols (1976) vs. Rammstein (2005) vs. metal mosh pits vs. Dropkick Murphys (2004):


No, no, no! KC White vs. Augustus Pablo/Big Youth ("KG's Half Way Tree") vs. The Allman Brothers (You don't love me, 1982) vs.  Dawn Penn (1967) vs. herself vs. U Roy (Wake the Town) vs. Bounty Killer (1994) vs. Joe Gibbs & The Professionals (Behind Iron Bars) (and so on and on)


No Escape, The Seeds (1966/2008) vs. Cabaret Voltaire (1981)


Old sand: 2008