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Sand 08

Expired sand

Susie Q, Dale Hawkins (1957) vs. CCR (1968).

Walk on By, Warwick (1964) vs. Stranglers (1978)
Hurt, NIN (1994) vs. Cash (2002)

The Tide is High, Paragons (1967) vs. Blondie (1980) (Atomic who?) vs. Gregory Isaacs & U-Roy vs. Seed

Police and Thieves, Junior Murvin (1976, tv 1980) vs. Clash (1977)

Betty B (1932) and Jimmie Rodgers (1928) fending for themselves
From AA! (1981) to zZz (2007)

Ziggy Stardust, Bauhaus (1982) vs. Bowie (1972, live 1973)
The Velvet Underground + Nico, Venus in Furs ('67) vs. Venus, Shocking Blue ('69)

 I Put A Spell On You, Screaming Jay Hawkins ('56) vs. CCR ('68)
 vs. Nina Simone ('65) vs. Birthday Party (live, '80s)

Harpya, short film by Raoul Servais (Belgium, 1979). Not for the faint of heart.

Metropolis, Fritz Lang (Germany 1927), fragment.