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Tools for academic teachers

I have invested quite a bit of time in education tools. Some to improve teaching, many to try and make my teaching more efficient. After all, universities reward you for publishing as much as possible, while teaching as well as possible is a considered a waste of resources. And so I got into efficiency: how can I offer students maximum interaction without ruining my research time? It seems madness to want to share my tools, as they might just intensify the efficiency rat race, but I still believe in old academic values such as sharing knowledge.

So here they are, for what they are worth, no guarantees, no service agreements. All I ask is that you let me know whether you use them and what you think of them. I teach both in English and in Dutch and not all tools are available in both languages.

An elaborate excel spreadsheet to handle grades, organised around weighted grades such as for exams, papers, or participation. With special tab sheets for grading online discussions, sign-up lists for presence in obligatory meetings, basic grade statistics etc. Adapted to grading rules in Nijmegen. Dutch version 3.6 only.
I developed this over years of use. So far, I know nobody who actually uses this, but it has saved my life. I suppose it requires excel literacy and if you have that, you would probably make your own.

Paper feedback
Form I use to give students feedback on their papers.
Dutch version.

Chairing Instructions
If I let students chair meetings, I give them this hand-out.
English version. Dutch version.

Presentation feedback
Hand-out students can use to give feedback on presentations by other students.
English version. Dutch version.

Checklist for papers
Checklist to help students write complete papers, with titles, a name, page numbers.
(If you have graded assignments, you know what I mean.)
English version. Dutch version.

Course load calculator
Excel tool to help you calculate the amount of time students will spend on your course. If your course involves reading, it can also help with the calculation of copyrights, but that is very sketchy in this English version 2.0.

How to answer an essay question
Students in natural sciences find this very difficult, so I wrote an instruction.
English version. Dutch version.

How to read a text
Another one specifically for natural science students, in an effort to explain how social sciences treat texts differently.
English version.

What is wrong with plagiarism?
Powerpoint slides. explaining referencing and the evils of plagiarism.
English version. Dutch version.

More to come...