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Science and Technology Studies (STS):

The study of how science and technology develop, in relation to wider society. STS is a highly interdisciplinary field. It makes use of anthropology, sociology, policy studies, political science, history (of science), philosophy (of science), and economics. Using the tools of such fields, STS studies sciences ranging from mathematics to medicine, or even the social sciences themselves.

Examples of research topics: science policy, innovation and economic development, the organisation of research, science in the media, the management of technological innovation, patient organisations in health care, science advice, pubic understanding of science, technology assessment, environmental controversies, etc.

See the STS lemma of the Wikipedia.

Professional organisations in STS:

bulletNetherlands Graduate School of Science, Technology and Modern Culture (WTMC) and the WTMC Wiki.
bulletEuropean Association for Science and Technology Studies (EASST)
bulletSociety for the Social Study of Science (4S)

Basic handbooks:

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