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Willem Halffman

I lecture at the Department of Philosophy and Science Studies,
Institute of Science, Innovation and Society, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

snailmail address:
ISIS, Mailbox 77
FNWI, RU Nijmegen, P.O. box 9010 6500 GL Nijmegen
The Netherlands

visiting address:
Fac. of Science, Huygens building
Heyendaalseweg 135, rm 02.822.

tel +31 24 36 52579/53201
email: w.halffman at gmail.com


New publication on the forces that instrumentalise participation, studying climate adaptation in Dutch  water management:  Boezeman, D., Vink, M., Leroy, P., & Halffman, W. (2014). Participation under a spell of instrumentalization? Reflections on action research in an entrenched climate adaptation policy process. Critical Policy Studies, 8(4). doi: dx.doi.org/10.1080/19460171.2014.950304. (Not open access, sorry.)

Why I think the VSNU, the association of universities in the Netherlands, no longer represents the universities: an opinion piece in the Dutch newspaper NRC.

Roland Bal and I think a Dutch "top university" would have some huge disadvantages, in an opinion piece in the Volkskrant (in Dutch). (Sep 2014)
Here is a BNR radio interview about the piece (in Dutch).

I have chaired a two-week summer school on Water, Health, and Sustainable Development, where I will be teaching about assumptions and world views in science and engineering, with the Alliance for Water, Health and Development. (Aug 2014)

Waartoe is de universiteit op aarde?I wrote a chapter in Waartoe is de universiteit op aarde? (Verbrugge and Van Baardewijk) about a public university as a knowledge commons. It was presented at the Night of the University, Amsterdam, June 2014.

Interview in Spanning about the Academic Manifesto - in Dutch. (To be clear: I am not a member of any political party. March 2014)


In debate about the state of the university, at the Radboud University Soeterbeeck programme (with sound recording - in Dutch, May 2014).

Experimenting with teaching online: History of Biology.
(Feb 2014)

New publication: W. Hallfman & Hans Radder (2013) "Het Academisch Manifest", Krisis, 3 (in Dutch).  "Universities are occupied by Management, a regime obsessed with ‘accountability' through measurement, increased competition, efficiency, ‘excellence', and misconceived economic salvation." (Jan 2014)

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I study how science and technology are woven through society, a.k.a. Science and Technology Studies (STS). I am particularly fascinated by how knowledge gets certified as 'in/accurate' or 'in/correct' at the fringes of the institutions of science, for example when scientists advise policy makers or when scientists are involved with amateurs. (see short CV)


I teach History of Biology and Science and Society courses in Nijmegen (more on the teaching pages, where you will also find the faq on how to write papers).

Recorded podcast lectures for history of biology (English and Dutch).

Currently involved in:

Alliance for Water, Health, and Development.

Netherlands graduate school of Science, Technology, and Modern Culture
Science and Democracy Network

RU Honours Academy.